Home Healthcare Gastroscopy Devices Market – Globally Expected To Drive Growth Through 2026
Gastroscopy Devices Market – Globally Expected To Drive Growth Through 2026

Gastroscopy Devices Market – Globally Expected To Drive Growth Through 2026

Gastroscopy Devices Market

Gastroscopy is a type of endoscopy performed for diagnosis of diseases pertaining to esophagus, stomach, and upper part of small intestine. It is also called upper gastrointestinal endoscopy. It is one of the most important discoveries in the field of medical science. Esophagoscope was also a type of endoscopy that was used for diagnosis and treatment procedures of esophagus. Gastroscopy has replaced esophagoscopes completely. The only difference between esophagoscope and gastroscope is the length of gastroscope that is longer than esophagoscopes. Gastroscopy can also be performed to detect cancers. This procedure is recommended to diagnose problems related to the esophagus or stomach. The device has a light and a camera at the end of the probe that is used to see the esophagus, upper intestine and stomach clearly. It is also used to investigate problems related to swallowing, ulcers, and blockage in esophagus. This procedure allows practitioners to study the mucous membrane of the stomach. Gastroscopy are broadly classified into two types namely diagnostic gastroscopy used to diagnose or confirm diagnosis and treatment gastroscopy for therapeutic purposes. Esophagus cancer is the eighth-most common cancer in the world. As per the report of World Cancer Research Fund International, there were around 456,000 new esophagus cancer cases diagnosed in 2012. Gastroscopy is considered as the most preferred option for screening of esophagus cancer and polyps by most gastroenterologists and thus, the gastrointestinal endoscopy devices market is projected to witness significant traction in the foreseeable future.

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High Incidence of Esophageal Cancer Fueling Gastroscopy Devices Market Growth

Esophageal cancer is of two types namely, adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. Esophageal cancer can occur due to various reasons such as gene type that includes gene mutations or damage involved in cell divisions. As per results of an independent study, overweight and obesity increases the risk of esophageal cancer by 48% per 5 BMI units. Polyp detection rate of esophagus and stomach depend upon the proportion of mucosal surface diagnosed and correlates to time dedicated for diagnosis. Gastroscopes consist of a flexible tube with a high definition camera at the end of the probe. The quality of camera defines the quality of diagnosis. The long length of device is used to examine the complete length of the esophagus.


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Gastroscopy Devices Market: Drivers and Restraints

The global gastrointestinal endoscopy devices market is expected to be fueled by advancements in endoscopy technology. Key drivers of the market are increasing cases of esophageal cancer and polyps, growing ageing population, family history of cancer, and changing lifestyle. Increasing government initiatives to diagnose and treat early stage cancers are also expected to fuel gastrointestinal endoscopy devices market. For instance, in 2014, The European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ESGE) and United European Gastroenterology (UEG) created a community of endoscopy services across Europe, collaborating with each other to provide high quality, safe, accurate, patient-centered and accessible endoscopic care. The lack of awareness, dearth of experienced professionals, lack of reimbursement policies, and increasing cases associated with bio-dirt is expected to hinder growth of the market.

Key players operating the gastroscopy devices market include Olympus, Karl Storz, Sono Scape, Endomed, Medigus, Fujifilm Holdings Corporation, and Huger.

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