Home Technology Pod-based ice-cream maker might be introduced by LG
Pod-based ice-cream maker might be introduced by LG

Pod-based ice-cream maker might be introduced by LG

LG displayed a pop-up at the South by Southwest festival, displaying blueprint of the pod-based ice-cream maker.

The innovative ice-cream making system called the Snow White, requires two pods, one for the texture of the base and the other for flavor, which determines whether the machine will make ice cream, frozen custard, sherbet, sorbet, frozen yoghurt or gelato. The at-home ice cream machine requires capsules which has a Quick Response Code specifically conveying the machine what to produce. The person demoing the machine at the festival neither knew the ingredients present in the capsules nor the temperature fall that the machine will witness.

Unfortunately, the South Korean company headquartered in Seoul has not revealed the pricing policy or the availability details of the novel technology. However, LG introduced a separate pod-based gadget at the Consumer Electronic Show held on January 10, 2019, held at Las Vegas, which showcased a system that brews beer. The HomeBrew launched by LG works on capsules that contains malt, hop oil, flavoring and yeast. The gadget is innovative enough to automate the process right from fermentation to carbonation, aging to serving and ultimately cleaning the machine. Pod enthusiasts appreciate the initiative taken by the company, however it seems irrational as to why the customers would buy such a machine when they can pick up beer pints at the convenient stores.

Apart from the shortcomings, the pod-based systems are a whole new advancement in a world progressing towards digitalization. The high-quality equipment permits the users to sit at home and make ice-creams without the need to go out in the sweltering heat. Right from business tycoons to middlemen, all can save their precious time with pod-based systems that allows them to escape the streets.