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Samsung Unveils DRAM For Next Generation Smartphones

Samsung Unveils DRAM For Next Generation Smartphones

The South Korean company designs DRAM with highest capacity ever for next generation smartphones.

Samsung has designed the highest-capacity Dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) ever to be fitted in next generation smartphones. The 12GB LPDDR4X package will cater more memory in smartphones than the memory served by current laptops. The high-capacity chip will best suit in the interest of multi-camera devices and foldable smartphones thus, adopting more features.

The chip appears to be used in the GalaxyS10+ edition where earlier Samsung used to manufacture only LPDDR4X chips. This RAM chip takes very little space, it will help the engineers to devise larger batteries ensuring better battery life, Artificial Intelligence innovations, 5G chips and enhanced cameras. The novel chip runs at the same speed as the conventional RAM however, utilizes ten percent less power. By all means, it will not be cheap thereby, increasing the price of the next generation smartphone. Extra storage permitted by the chip will ensure better storage capacity, thus faster phones with multitasking abilities. The DRAM delivers transferring of data at 34.1GB per second.

Thus, it aptly serves the target audience with allowing them to handle large-memory games such as PUBG and Fortnite, along with browsing, using twitter handle and using it for other tasks. However, Samsung claims that it still will be boosting the production of conventional 8GB chips along with the novel 12GB chips to meet the ever-rising demand. Samsung VP, Sewon Chun said, “With the LPDDR4X, we're strengthening our position as the premium mobile memory maker best positioned to accommodate rapidly growing demand from global smartphone manufacturers.”

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