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Novel Android Q Beta With Improved Gesture Controls

Novel Android Q Beta With Improved Gesture Controls

The Android Q offered by Google in the recent past has received an updated version called the Android Q beta 2 with multitasking and better gesture controls.

In the recent past, the American multinational company launched the first Android Q beta which emphasizes on rational functional updates. Similar to iOS it allows limiting location when a particular app is operating and restricts the ability of the applications to access media which collect sensitive information. However, Google on April 3, 2019, officially launched the first update to the former called Android Q beta 2. The upcoming enhanced version has efficient gesture controls and chat bubbles precisely designed for multitasking.

Users will clearly identify the difference between the two versions concerning reworked gestures. This feature was initially introduced in Android Pie which turned out to be quite unresponsive. The navigation based on button-free feature has been improved giving the touch of an iOS update. According to the source, 9to5Google the new updates version will allow the users to switch between the various apps, listed in chronological order, using the navigation bar at the bottom in the novel version. Android Q Beta allows the users to experience bubbles, a multitasking platform making conversations easily accessible to the users in the operating system. The new feature resembles the Facebook messenger which allows the users to have conversation while working in the other apps.

Furthermore, the updated version will feature emulator guiding the users as to how the beat will function on the foldable screens. The American multinational company has also promised bug fixing and regular updates to the advanced features. It is estimated that more such features will be included in late 2019 giving the users an exemplary experience.