Video shows cyclist attacking group hanging BLM posters

A biker was arrested, assaulting 3 people posting bulletins in support of the issue of black life

Sixty-year-old Anthony Brennan III was arrested from Kensington, Maryland, and charged with three counts of second-degree assault, according to the Maryland National Police Capital Park.

The accident happened on Monday when a man and two women were walking on the Crescent Crescent Trail in Montgomery County to post flyers for the Black Life issue. According to the police, the suspect began arguing with them about the handouts and grabbed some handouts from one of the victims.

Then he pushed his bike toward the male victim, which caused him to fall to the ground, according to the police. The male victim recorded the entire incident.

After the accident, the Maryland-National Capital Park police asked the public to help find the suspect and the community members who had sent hundreds of tips over the past few days. The police used various sources to confirm this information before getting to know Brennan.

Park Police contacted Brennan and his legal advisor on Friday and agreed to search Brennan’s home while members of the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office and Park Police were present. Police say they found and seized evidence at the home.

A police statement said Brennan then served police with an arrest warrant on Friday evening after he voluntarily surrendered.

Maryland National Police Capital Park thanked the victims for their courage and civic participation in advancing this issue. They also thanked the community for providing advice and information.

The man who filmed the cyclist’s video, which he and his friends were facing while posting signs, asked CNN not to reveal his identity for fear of reprisal.

CNN cannot independently verify what happened before and after the video, and I contacted Brennan’s legal counsel for comment.

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