A man was burned after he detonated a policeman's vehicle outside the US Supreme Court

A man was burned after he detonated a policeman’s vehicle outside the US Supreme Court

A police car caught fire and exploded outside the Supreme Court on Wednesday, and authorities quickly arrested a suspect who allegedly burned himself while the car was burning.

Supreme Court spokeswoman Cathy Arberg Tell the Washington examiner That “someone sped away and set fire to an unmarked Supreme Court police vehicle” near the front entrance to the court.

“The car was completely burned, and a court vehicle was damaged,” said Erberg. “The individual sustained burns in the operation. He was detained by the Supreme Court Police and transported by ambulance to treat his injuries.”

The United States Attorney General’s Office, which is prosecuting most local and federal crimes in the city, did not immediately respond to requests for more information.

Passerby Marissa Barrera, an assistant to Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Tweeted shots of the burning car during lunch break.

“Or is there a car burning in Scott,” Parreira said. “She’s still on her way to exploding periodically. The outdoor lunch break is over.”

It is unclear why the car was attacked, although several capital police cars were vandalized or burned last month during the turmoil over the killing of George Floyd by the Minnesota police.

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