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Afridi martyr opens his doors to his views: “I am not ashamed to express my opinion, even if it comes to India”

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The former leader of Pakistan, Shahid Afridi, has generally been outspoken about his views against India and again, he has been involved in the war of words with India’s former editorial Gautam Gamfer.

Afridi had recently undergone tremendous scrutiny of his views on Kashmir and at that time, Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh said they did not wish to establish any relationship with him anymore.

Afridi the need to tell the truth

“One must always tell the truth, no matter what happens. I think humanity is above everything else and for this reason I am not ashamed to express my opinion, even if it is related to India,” Afridi was quoted as saying by the Cricket Pakistan newspaper.

Afridi also spoke about striking man Babar Azzam and stated that he would alone start winning matches for Pakistan. Azam is usually incited against the leader of India Virat Kohli, keeping in mind impeccable gameplay and amazing consistency across shapes.

“Babar Azam is the backbone of the Pakistani team and I don’t think he feels the pressure of continuous comparison with Firat Kohli,” he said. “I hope Babar will start winning matches for Pakistan alone soon.”

Azzam himself had previously said that he would prefer to be compared to striking the greats of this country rather than Kohli.

Afrid Shahid

Afridi was not in good standing either with the paddle or with the ball.IANS

“I do not want to compare with Virat Kohli. It would be better if people compare me to a Pakistani mythology like Javed Mayandad or Muhammad Yusuf or Yunus Khan,” Azzam told reporters last month during a video conference.

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