Philadelphia police are reflected as they stand guard during a protest over the death of George Floyd on Saturday, May 30, 2020.

After reviewing the video, prosecutors accuse the police inspector instead of the protester

Larry Krasner, the Attorney General in Philadelphia, announced on Friday that Inspector General Joseph Bologna faces charges of aggravated assault, minor assault, possession of a crime instrument and precariously endangering another person.

Prosecutors say that Bologna was captured in a cell phone video that wounded a student of Temple University in the back of his head while participating in a massive demonstration on Monday.

Krasner’s office said the anonymous student had “sustained serious physical injuries, including a severe head injury that required hospitalization during detention, including about 10 pins and 10 strings”.

Philadelphia Police arrested the protesting student, held him for more than 24 hours, and referred him to the Public Prosecutor for trial. But after the plaintiffs reviewed the video and other evidence, Krasner refused to charge the student and accused the inspector Bologna instead.

“We are trying to be fair,” Krasner said. “Accountability must be equal. This moment requires a swift and balanced response to violent and criminal acts based on facts and evidence.”

Bologna is no longer on a periodic mission, she said A local station why.

“Now, I’m dealing with operations from the office,” he told the station in a phone call on Friday.

Police Fraternal Order of the Police Pledge in a statement “To vigorously defend Bologna against these baseless allegations and charges.”

The police union said they were “disgusted” to find out more about the charges. The union said that Bologna, the police officer for more than 30 years, was “in a volatile and chaotic situation and there were only a fraction of a second to make the decision.”

“These accusations clearly spell out Krasner’s anti-police agenda in Philadelphia,” the statement said.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Daniel Otto said on Friday that while she was not aware of all the information that led to Krasner’s decision to indict Bologna, an investigation into internal affairs has already been launched and will continue regardless of the prosecution’s prosecution.

“As a department, we do not condone criminal acts by anyone, and I sincerely hope that the public prosecutor will in fact hold all people accountable for causing harm to others on an equal basis,” Outlaw said.

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