US man survives Covid-19, gets a whopping Rs 8 crore hospital bill

Amid high casualties, touch K’taka Covid 7K

A local official said Sunday that local returnees and increasing injuries in Covid 19 case contacts earlier in Karnataka have made the state count touch the 7000 number with 176 new cases. A health official said that “new cases have been reported from Saturday 5 pm to Sunday 5 pm 176”.

Like every day, local returns are the largest number of cases, 88, while 61 prior contact contacts were positive as well. Of the local returnees, 82 or 93 per cent of the cases had a travel history to Maharashtra.

India recorded a one-day record high of 9,987 and 294 deaths on June 6.Reuters

There were also six cases with an international travel history to the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and the Philippines. Meanwhile, previous case communications turned positive, showing an uptrend as 61 such cases were reported on Sunday.

Cases rose in Bengaluru, Urbana, Yadger, Udupi, Bidar, Calaburaghi, Dharad, Ballari, Kolar, Uttara Kanada, Mandia, Daskina Kannada.

Among the new cases, Bengaluru Urban contributed 42, followed by Yadger (22), Udupi (21), Biddar (20), Calaburaghi (13), Darwad (10), Balary (8), Kolar (7), Uttara Kanada ( 6), Mandia and Dakshina Kanada (5 each), Bagalcot (4), Ramanagara (3), Reishore and Shivamuga (2 each) and Pilaghavi, Hassan, Vijayapura, Bengaluru Rural and Haveri (1 each).

Twelve patients suffer from influenza-like illness


Courtesy: Reuters

Twelve patients have influenza-like illness (ILI) and five acute respiratory infections (SARI). Meanwhile, five people have died from the virus, three of them from Bengaluru Urban, one from Dakshina Kannada and the other from Bidar.

Among the new cases, 106 are males and 70 are females, including 13 children under the age of 10. Of the total cases, 2,956 patients were discharged, 86 died while 16 were admitted to the intensive care unit. In the past 24 hours, 312 patients have been cured and discharged.

On Sunday, the Ministry of Health tested 7,451 samples, of which 6,835 turned negative. In total, 4.43 lakh samples were tested, of which 4.27 lakh were returned negative.

Currently, Jadger leads the state’s burden of Covid-19 with 536 active cases, followed by Kalaburagi (459), Bengaluru Urban (330) Udupi (312) and Raichur (292) among others. Bengaluru Urban caused 32 deaths, followed by Calaburaghi (10), Dakshina Kanada (7) and Bidar, Vijayapura, and Davanger (6 each) among others.

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