Amy Grant shares the heart surgery scar pictures

Amy Grant shares the heart surgery scar pictures

The “Saved By Love” beat maker successfully underwent a procedure on June 3 to correct the return of a partial abnormal pulmonary vein (PAPVR), a congenital heart condition.

Grant went to Instagram on Sunday to inform fans of surgery and recovery.

Faiza Garmi, 59, likened the experience to “a non-runner recorded in the marathon,” adding that the support and prayer she received from friends, fans and the family “only drives me.”

And she said, “He has sincerely recovered a miracle.” “I want to say thanks to everyone who prayed for me. Prayer changed everything.” She wrote alongside a series of pictures showing the long scar in the middle of her chest.

Grant began her position by tackling the R. crisisCoronary virus pandemic And the global protests sparked George Floyd’s deathSaying, “Crazy time, broken, but beautiful.”

“I know there is a lot going on in the world right now. It is a crazy and broken time but it is beautiful. And in the midst of all this – amid all our awareness, we become, we learn, love, and see each other.”

She signed this and urged her followers to “preserve these prayers for the sake of our country and let us turn all of our brokenness into love and seeing each other.”

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