An inside look at what makes Knicks 'World Wide Wes' so polarizing

An inside look at what makes Knicks ‘World Wide Wes’ so polarizing

“The long history with Jim Dolan and his respect,” Knicks’ press release last week quoted new Deputy CEO William Wesley as saying.

Sources confirm that Wesley has been in the ears of Malik Knicks for 15 years, working behind the scenes. As is his custom.

Glenn Grunwald’s Knicks coach investigated the effect of “World Wide Wes”.

“When we were there, I was told that he listened to” World Wide Wes “more than he listened to Grunwald,” the coach told The Post.

In fact, Wesley was free with Dolan’s advice, but not all are constructive.

The Post learned that Wesley was a driving force behind Dolan’s move from Grunwald after season 54-28 four days before the 2013 training camp. Wesley recommended returning Steve Mills, citing stronger connections.

At the time, The Post reported that Grunwald’s dismissal was linked to the free agent’s aspirations for 2015. Additionally, the new president needed to be prepared to try to keep Carmelo Anthony in the summer of 2014 that followed.

Anthony represented the Creative Artists Agency, Mills was known for his close ties to CAA. (Wesley, according to a source, was a key associate of Anthony during the Knicks period.)

Now CAA officially runs Knicks with Leon Rose Wesley along. After Rose agreed to the terms in February, the newspaper quoted a source, saying, “MSG and CAA have been in bed for years. This shouldn’t come as a surprise.”

Wesley’s push to remove Grunwald did not work. Nix has missed the playoffs seven consecutive seasons since his overthrow, despite Dolan drifting six months after Grundwald was fired to bring Phil Jackson as president.

After all his failures, he invited Dolan Rose and Wesley to summon all the shots while trying to fix an inverted Knicks image by using pizza services.

The press release did not mention previous Wesley credentials – an indication of his underground presence.

While Rose was CAA basketball director, Wesley has been considered an agency consultant for the past fifteen years.

“He’s always been in touch – and he’s the winner,” said one NBA executive.

William WesleyGetty Images

Wesley Rose helped acquire players and worked with CAA coaches, including Tom Thibodaud. However, sources say, Wesley also loves Jason Kidd, who interviewed Knicks’ job on Thursday.

In a 2007 GQ profile, author Alex French says: “Wes is a perfect realization of the modern American dream – full of old-style greasing, crowding, and social climb – that looks like it’s written on the big screen.”

Wesley is nothing less than a polarized business person. Although former Nix Stephon Marbury and Rashid Wallace ridiculed employment, ESPN’s Jay Williams flew into exaggeration.

Williams indicated that Wesley’s presence as a freelance recruiting officer could be more important than attending Rose.

“You will see me in this Knicks match this year,” said Williams. “When I tell you that” World Wide Wes “is the best free hiring agent in Knicks history, I’ll just tell you he’s someone who’s been around basketball. We know how this game works. He is sung to Drake’s Songs – the most closely related individuals in basketball history.

“Let me tell you how” World Wide Wes “works. He has many high points of contact with individuals who have influence. From the player’s point of view, anyone will get on the phone. He will make you buy the big picture.”

Marbury by Camden, New Jersey, thrived with a sinister video clip last week. Kony Island coach is now a coach in China.

Come on, man. Marbury said, have you really brought “World Wide Sucker” to the New York Knicks? Did you bring this guy here?


“I am a true New York Knicks fan. Come on, Dolan. You must be kidding me, man. What happens here? There must be an explanation. It is not. Of all people, do you bring this dude here? Did you bring him to New York City?” To New York? He has no credibility here. “

In fact, Wesley got his enemies. Wallace described the move as “a fart in the brain.” Wallace finds a tandem Rose-Wesley dangerous because “Dolan takes their belongings.”

Wallace indicated that other agents could have stopped sending their clients to CAA Knicks.

“Whatever they have beef or problems with them will come and affect them,” Wallace told CBS Sports Radio. “Now that they have these executive positions with Knicks, they may not get these appointed players.”

But could it get worse? Knicks put an egg in a free agency for years – the Kevin Durant – Kerry Irving de AndrĂ© Gordon maneuver to Brooklyn as Dolan’s last straw.

“It adds the relationships we’ve built over the years,” said Rashad Phillips, insider with the National Basketball Association, the author of the fake draft for SportsTalk 2319. “The NBA has become a business relationship firm more than ever. Summarizes Wes’ aspect of the relationship. He will do well in New York.”

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