Angry at her work, she is now "Lady Lasagna" who cooks free meals for first responders and friends

Angry at her work, she is now “Lady Lasagna” who cooks free meals for first responders and friends

So far, she has made over 1,275 bowls of lasagna for friends, neighbors, first responders and anyone needing a good fresh meal – without charging anyone.

For Brenner, this is love, and she has no plans to stop.

She told CNN: “I realized that my time in my life is giving back to the people who have paved the way of life so that I can have the 45 years of life I went through.”

Brenner, who moved to Gig Harbor, Washington, about six years ago, was fired from a menswear store after Covid-19 was injured. I quickly realized that it was not very good at sitting.

She said that she decided that she wanted to help the elderly in her community and those who could not go out and shop for themselves because of the epidemic.

So, she signed up to work as an Instacart shopper. She only spent two days working with the grocery delivery app – but during that time she noticed one item that her customers kept calling for: frozen lasagna.

One of these clients was a man in the nineties. Brenner said when she delivered the frozen lasagna and other things to him, he admitted to her that he had not had any fresh food for about a month and a half.

That moment inspired Brenner to do some grocery shopping of her own, picking up ingredients to make her family a new lasagna based on her grandmother’s recipe.

“Frozen lasagna is not a cure,” she said. “I am not a fan of frozen lasagna. I am very Italian.”

After her plate got out of the oven, Brenner jumped to Facebook to do what many others did throughout the quarantine period: Share home-cooked meals on social media. In her post, Brenner offered to make the lasagna and deliver it for free to anyone who wants one.

When she received enough orders, she went to the store and spent the $ 1,200 stimulus test on the ingredients and started cooking.

She made over 130 lasagna, and distributed it to everyone who ordered it for free.

She said: “The main goal of this is to spread this societal feeling wherever we can through the comfort of lasagna.” “So, I don’t want anyone to feel frustrated because the reality is that there are people who can’t afford the dollar.”

One-woman operation

This is a one-woman operation. Brenner spends 8 to 14 hours a day doing all the cooking on her own. She spent the last 90 days working without a day off.

She said of her recent endeavors to cook: “Many of us go to work and want to go home right away … and I never felt that way.”

Brenner started the process at her house, pushing her kitchen to the limit, and setting up a food warehouse without contact in her front yard.

Established the food store Michele Brenner in her front yard

Recently, she said she got free use of commercial kitchen at Gig Harbor Sportsman Club, allowing her to grow her operations.

The distribution of lasagna allowed Brainer to see the impact of her work directly.

She said that one of the families cried when she arrived at Easter because without lasagna and other sweets, they told her they did not have enough money to celebrate the holiday this year. Another man who fueled Brenner told her that he recently lost his father and young son to Covid-19. One of the women told Brenner that she donated a Lasagna to nurses to care for her mother in the Alzheimer’s ward.

Brenner said she feels lasagna does more than just nourish: it creates an opportunity for family members to bond.

She said: “This is a family meal, it is time to sit down together, these are memories that make, these are talks.” “It is something that you will remember for the rest of your life.”

Michelle Brenner

Although she distributes lasagna for free, many in her community wanted to participate. They decide to organize a series of online fundraising campaigns to help Brenner continue the process. Over the past nine weeks, Brenner said she raised more than $ 23,000 for her – which translated into 1,275 pots of lasagna.

While Brenner does not know what will happen when her signal ends, she said she does not plan to stop making lasagna for others. She described the experience of making lasagna to her community a “dream come true.”

Brenner said: “People say” Are you tired? And I go, you know, I don’t have time to think about that, I have a lasagna to do. “

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