Australian police locate a 14-year-old boy missing for two days on the mountain

Australian police locate a 14-year-old boy missing for two days on the mountain

Will Calagan, who suffers from non-verbal autism, separated from his family on Monday near the summit of Mount Disappointment, CNN affiliate reported 9News. He had advanced before them walking towards the mountain.

Victoria police asked locals to help get him out of the bush by playing music from the “Thomas The Tank Engine” program and leaving food and water for him.

Wednesday, They announced That the volunteer, identified by 9News as Ben Gibbs, has located Will.

Gibbs told 9news that he was very familiar with the terrain, and found the boy after he had gone a little further from the search area surveyed by rescue crews.

“He was 15 meters away from standing there,” Gibbs told the station. “It was really angelic, he was standing and looking.”

Gibbs said that Will was not wearing any shoes, so he put some socks on. The boy also gave some chocolates and spoke to him about Thomas the tank engine.

Will was gathered with his parents and taken to a tent where he was treated by paramedics. He was then taken to a hospital, where an official said he was relatively healthy and should be able to go home on Wednesday evening.

Benny Callahan thanked everyone for helping them find her son. She told reporters that Will was “very calm” given the situation, but he was also communicating. “He is confused and afraid.”

“I can’t imagine what he’s going through,” she said. “I am very grateful and very comfortable. He is just a very special person.”

CNN’s Carly Walsh contributed to this report.

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