"Avengers" directors, Russo brothers fill the summer movie void with "School Movie Pizza"

“Avengers” directors, Russo brothers fill the summer movie void with “School Movie Pizza”

But in the summer, due to coronaviruses, it could be the first in decades without such massive films, they turned their attention to creating this kind of group online experience – with pizza.

Since May, the Russians have hosted an online program called “Russo Bros Pizza Film School”. They designate fans’ movies for discussion, with the goal of “teaching and spreading some love for favorite classic movies, as well as local pizzerias while movie lovers are stuck at home.”

The two use the program to show films they have influenced or simply like – titles like “The Evil Dead”, “The Empire Strikes Back” and “No Country for Old Men” – and inviting guests to focus on the movies. In this week’s version, devoted to the 1980 version of “Flash Gordon”, they will be joined by Taika Whitty, who directed “Jojo rabbit” And “Thor: Ragnarok”.

In an interview with CNN, Joe Russo said that his daughter suggested the idea, as he showed family films to pass the time during the early stages of staying home. They discussed “What inspired us in the movie. For us, it was a great opportunity to talk about the filmmaking process,” and made it available to young filmmakers looking for a way to tell them stories. “

He also saw a viral clip circulated by an audience that abundantly responds to the climate portal scene at the “end of the game”, which highlighted the collective view that was noticeably absent – and for many, painfully – absent this spring and summer, with films shifting to home consumption or, in the case of Most headlines, Has been postponed.
The “End Game” opened in the U.S. on April 26, 2019 Anniversary He came during shelter orders at home. As a result, clips that capture joyful reactions to film visitors have added additional weight to those who wonder when they can enjoy this experience again.

“Seeing it was very emotional for us and a big touch, to remind us of how audiences responded to this movie,” said Joe Rousseau.

In addition to the films “The Avengers”, the Russians also directed the followers of “Captain America” ​​”The Winter Soldier” and “Civil War.” They have taken advantage of the clout linked to Marvel’s success in supporting a variety of projects, including the production of Netflix’s latest action movie. “extraction,” Chris Hemsworth, and a haunted little house story “Relic,” starring Emily Mortimer, premiered on July 10 on digital platforms.

Older brother Anthony Russo said that the duo’s attachment to Marvel gave them “the ability to make things.” “For Joe and I, it’s very important to find and support the voices that we respond to powerfully. To the extent we can achieve, we want to do that for other filmmakers.”

As for the summer so far without movies in theaters, Anthony Russo notes that watching movies with a crowd “will always be unique, in the way you watch something at home cannot be.” But the Russians see advantages in stream growth and maturity and other distribution options, which creates avenues that might not otherwise be possible, especially for less widespread commercial concepts.

“The way in which audiences can access movies is changing,” said Anthony Russo, with digital becoming more important during the epidemic.

Meanwhile, they had the opportunity to chat with some of their movie stars who are doing a “Pizza School for Movies”, including Mark Hamill, which brings to mind the theme “The Empire Strikes Back”, and an upcoming conversation with writer Bob Gale about “Back to a Future.” “

Joe Rousseau noted that the brothers were “satiated in pop culture” as they grew up, including going down when multiplexing and staying there for hours. In the end, they expect the film to return.

“The theater experience will always be there,” said Anthony Russo. “He will recover.”

Russo Bros Pizza School of Film will play at 3 pm. Fridays on Instagram TV and AGBO channel on YouTube, where you can also find previous episodes.

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