Balmoral, the Scottish Queen's residence, is used as a public toilet

Balmoral, the Scottish Queen’s residence, is used as a public toilet

London (CNN) – Walkers resting themselves on the foundations Queen ElizabethThe employees said at the Scottish residence.
Employees at Balmoral Castle, Who is frequently visited by the Queen for holidays throughout the year, complained of leaving wet wipes in the estate and urging people not to use the place as an external toilet.

Most public facilities in the UK are closed because of the country’s closure, but people are allowed to exercise and socialize abroad, which leads many to seek quiet public places if nature summons during a day outside.

“The disappointment is that they saw many disposable wipes in the property today. Besides the tracks and monuments. Please remember that there are no public toilets open for miles at this time,” the Balmoral staff wrote.

They added, “Part of the problem is that we are witnessing the disposal of many non-degradable napkins in the countryside.” “People also choose to take up their needs alongside busy paths or monuments instead of moving away a bit to avoid pollution.”

But the castle admitted that people might need to take care of themselves while touring the royal estates.

“If you need to urinate, please do this at least 30 meters from lakes or streams,” they added in a Sunday tweet. “If you need to defecate, do it as far as possible from the buildings, paths, bodies of water and farm animals. Bury the stool in a shallow pit and replace the grass.”

The Queen and family members spend several weeks each year on a 50,000 acre farm in the Scottish Highlands.

She spent most of the UK closing in another royal estate in Windsor, near London.

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