Travel & health advisory in mind as medical specialists prepare BCCI

BCCI’s COVID-19 SOP was prepared by medical professionals to rely on government travel and health guidelines.

With restrictions gradually raising the government in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the India Cricket Control Board (BCCI) has also begun the process of developing the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) needed to be followed once cricket activities are resumed in the country.

All cricket activities have been suspended since March after a new coronavirus outbreak that has killed more than 8,000 people in the country so far.

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BCCI SOP plans according to government travel and health guidelines

For her part, Saba Karim, responsible for the cricket operations at BCCI GM, said that the standard operating procedures will be performed by the office holders taking into consideration the travel and health instructions issued by the government in the coming times.

“We are planning and working on SOP. It all depends on travel and health advice. We haven’t shared any circular yet. It will be done by management and officer holder in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in due course, Karim told IANS.”

The president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sourav Ganguly, also wrote to the chairman / trustees of all the associate board members, saying that they are developing COVID-19 SOP with the help of medical professionals.

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Ganguly wrote in his letter on IANS possession.

He added, “SOP is primarily conducted with the aim of providing our members with a standard set of guidelines that will help associations to resume cricket in their territories. BCCI has engaged medical professionals to formulate SOP.”

All other sporting federations in the country came out with related standard operating procedures when the government eased restrictions and allowed training under Lockdown 4 on May 17.

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