Beyonce made a strong start speech

Beyonce made a strong start speech

“Congratulations to the 2020 class, you have arrived here in the middle of a global crisis, a racial epidemic and a global expression of anger at the unjustified killing of another unarmed black man. We are still doing that, we are also proud of you,” Beyoncé said in a video title as part of an event “Dear Chapter 2020” on YouTube.

“Thank you for using your collective voice and telling the world that black life is important. Killing George Floyd, Ahmed Arberry, Bruna Taylor and many other people have all left us shattered. You have left the whole country looking for answers.” “We have seen that our collective hearts, when put into affirmative action, can begin the wheels of change. The real change has begun with you, this new generation of high school and college graduates we celebrate today.”

She went on to discuss the music industry’s biases and how this led her to start Parkwood Entertainment in 2010.

“I didn’t see enough of the female models that gave an opportunity to what I knew I had to do – to run my brand and run the company, to direct my films and produce my rounds of ownership, to own masters, to own art” to own my future and write my own story. ” Enough of black women sitting at the table. So I had to cut that wood and build my own table. Then I had to invite my best for a seat. This means recruiting women and men from abroad, the vulnerable, the people who are ignored and waiting to see. “

“If you are part of a group called” other “, it is a group that does not get a chance to be in the lead, build your own theater and make them see you. Your strangeness is beautiful, your blackness is beautiful. Your understanding, and your struggle for people who may differ from you, are beautiful.”

Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z were among the leading voices in entertainment calling for social justice and an end to systemic racism. Jay-Z published full page ads in the newspaper Across the country last week, Beyoncé encouraged her supporters to donate to various causes and take action against racism.

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