Bob Marley's "Love One" was redesigned to support UNICEF's Covid-19 efforts

Bob Marley’s “Love One” was redesigned to support UNICEF’s Covid-19 efforts

According to a UNICEF press release, members of the Bob Marley family will re-imagine the famous hymn of the late singer “One Love” to support UNICEF’s work “to reimagine a fairer and fairer world for children whose lives have been overthrown by the COVID-19 epidemic.”

“More than forty years ago, my father wrote about one love, about unity, peace and universal love, at a time when there were so many problems in the world,” his daughter, Sidella Marley, said in a statement. “Even while we cannot meet, his message remains valid today, we can overcome this global crisis if we come together through one love and one heart.”

The reggae song was originally recorded in 1977 by Bob Marley and Wailers.

“Love One / People Get Ready” has become a creative song and the redesigned version will feature members from the Marley family, musicians from all over the world, artists from conflict areas around the world, and children living in vulnerable communities.

UNICEF launched Reimagine, an urgent appeal to governments, the public, donors and the private sector to support the organization’s efforts to respond, restore and reimagine a world currently dealing with the Covid-19 crisis.

With the new song, UNICEF assistance will be directed to respond to urgent needs by providing soap, masks, gloves, hygiene kits, protective equipment and life-saving information for children and families as well as supporting near-term recovery efforts.

“One Love talks directly about one major truth about this epidemic: the best hope for defeating COVID-19 and reimagining a more equal and less discriminatory world for children is through global solidarity and cooperation,” said Henrietta Faure, UNICEF Executive Director. Permit. “We are delighted that Marley’s family with Pandora lent her generous support, creativity and love to help the most vulnerable children.”

Social media service TikTok will host a special event and a public challenge for fans as the song launches to help promote it.

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