Carol Baskin was awarded the Zoo owned by Joe Exotic from Tiger King

Carol Baskin was awarded the Zoo owned by Joe Exotic from Tiger King

A judge ruled in favor of a major cat rescue company from Baskin on Monday in a lawsuit against the Wynnewood Development Group, LLC. The last company was once owned by Exotic, and its real name is Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage.

The Baskin order gives control of about 16 acres of land in Garvin County, Oklahoma, which is home to a zoo with a group of large cats.

The court order stated that GWDC “must vacate the zoo buildings within 120 days of making this request … and the building permit must also require the removal of all zoo animals from the zoo.”

The ruling also granted housing for several cars and vehicles, according to court records.

Baskin, who owns a Florida animal sanctuary, has for years been a vocal critic of the zoo in Maldonado-Passage, a runner escalating into a court battle.

Maldonado-Passage argued that Baskin was trying to destroy his works through an online smear campaign in videos posted on her YouTube page and social media channels. Meanwhile, Baskin argued that Exotic was Abusing his animals He held against using tigers for profit.
Was convicted last year in Rental plot killed Against Baskin and Serving a sentence of 22 years For attempted beating and other crimes that include animal abuse.
What happened to the big cats from

Court documents claim that he tried to pay $ 3,000 to kill Baskin for a broken man, also shot and killed five tigers, and sold the little lemurs and false papers to say he had been donated.

In 2011, Baskin won the trademark infringement case against Maldanado-Passage – who ordered her to be paid $ 1 million. In a second lawsuit, filed in 2016, she claimed that he later transferred Oklahoma property to his mother in an attempt to evade creditors. On Monday, a federal judge in Oklahoma City ordered the property be delivered to Baskin.

Lawyer Jeff Lowe, the park’s current owner, told CNN the verdict was not expected.

“We expected Carol Baskin to be awarded the former park title that once belonged to Joe Exotic, and we have not challenged her attempts to do so,” Mosley said on Monday. “All of Jeff’s focus is on opening the new Tiger King Park in Tuckerville (Oklahoma), which is supposed to open in the next 120 days.”

CNN contacted Baskin to comment on the ruling, but she did not hear any response.

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