Cate Blanchett cut off her head with a chainsaw during closing

Cate Blanchett cut off her head with a chainsaw during closing

She added that the Oscar-winning star only suffered a “small setback in the head” and that was fine in the aftermath of the strange accident.

Speaking to former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Blanchett said: “I had a chainsaw accident yesterday, which looks very exciting, but it was not. Regardless of the little marriage in the head, I’m fine.”

Gillard replied, “Be very careful with the saw.” “You have a very popular head, I don’t think people want to see any jokes that come out of it.”

The actress, who is said to be living in East Sussex, England, did not go into details of how the unusual accident had occurred.

She said in 2017, “I love getting better at gardening.” Interview With site culture call after moving to a country house. “My mother was a great gardener. She had a wonderful green thumb. I would like to grow one of my own.”
During it appearance On a program entitled “Her Podcast with Julia Gillard,” which includes interviews with prominent female public figures, Blanchette said she was studying her five-year-old daughter at home while the coronavirus was closed in the United Kingdom.

The actress won Academy Awards for her roles in “The Aviator” and “Blue Jasmine.”

She is not the first celebrity to fall victim to a strange shutdown: guitarist Queen Brian May last month said he was taken to hospital after Buttocks wound In the gardening accident “excessive enthusiasm”.

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