Chris From: Canadian-Israeli billionaire to make history with four-time Tour de France winner

Chris From: Canadian-Israeli billionaire to make history with four-time Tour de France winner

The Emerging Israel Nation group and Fromm’s signature as team leader are the brainchild of Sylvan Adams.

Adams said: “We are committed to building a supportive Grand Tour team around Chris, so that we can make history together, as we compete to be the best, and achieve our main goal: winning the Tour de France.”

Major bike races are Giro d’Italia, Tour de France and Vuelta a España. Fromm has won it all during his patronage.

Adams helped establish the first professional cycling team in Israel in 2015, called the Israel Cycling Academy, which included riders from Israel and abroad.

The team achieved its first major milestone on the international stage three years later, when Adams brought the opening stages of the 2018 Giro d’Italia to Jerusalem. It was the first time that any stage of the race had taken place outside Europe.

This year the team was awarded the WorldTour license, ensuring riders competed in the largest sport races, the most important of which was the Tour de France.

“The best contestant of his generation”

“Chris is the best contestant of his generation and will lead our team in the Tour de France and Grand Tour,” Adams said.

“We hope to bring history together as Chris seeks more Tour de France and Grand Tour victories, achievements that will make Chris’s condition serious to be considered the greatest contestant ever.

The long-term contract means that the 35-year-old British cyclist will likely end his illustrious career with the junior team.

“I am really excited to join the ISN family,” Fromm said. “I look forward to challenging and challenging their talents and continuing to strive for the success I’ve had so far.”

From this season, From will compete with the team Ineos, formerly known as Team Sky, who won his four titles in the Tour de France, as well as winning Vuelta a Espana and Giro d’Italia.

Fromm, 35, suffered “multiple serious injuries”, including a broken leg, in a terrible accident during a training trip in France in June 2019.

The Tour de France this year, which was scheduled to start on June 27, by the organizer, the Amore Sports Organization, has been postponed to August 29 due to the epidemic.

Fromm is one victory from the record equalizer for the round victories of Jack Ancetel, Eddie Merks, Bernard Henault and Miguel Endorin.

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