Close Leicester: The city must stick to one another after increasing coronaviruses

Close Leicester: The city must stick to one another after increasing coronaviruses

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Explain the mediaHealth Minister Matt Hancock says that fewer than 18 years of age have tested positive for coronavirus

Lester’s mayor urged people to “stick to one another” and stay in their homes after tightening closures were tightened.

Unnecessary shops are closed, and schools will be closed to most students in response to the high incidence of coronavirus infection in the city.

Sir Peter Solsby said that he hoped that they could work with the government “to overcome all that was there”.

The measures announced by Matt Hancock are the UK’s first domestic closure.

The health minister said the city had seen “10% of all positive cases in the country during the past week.”

The restrictions in Leicester will last for at least two weeks and apply to the city center and a number of suburbs.

Hancock said that the measures will be implemented by the police “in some cases.”

The restrictions in England will not be relaxed on Saturday, including the reopening of bars, restaurants and hair salons, in the city.

Likewise, the easing of protection measures on July 6 – which would allow people most clinically vulnerable to spend more time abroad – was canceled.

Sir Peter said he was happy that the Minister of Health had introduced measures that went beyond just extending the current level of restrictions.

“What we got was broader than we expected and I am really grateful for that,” he said.

“Because while it is painful and disturbing for us in Medina to be subject to this level of restriction and for the watch to be rolled back, as it were, backwards, it does have something that has some realistic expectations for it to be effective.”

Shadow Health Minister Jonathan Ashworth said that dealing with the government left the people in the city “anxious and confused.”

Representative Lester South, the attorney, said the directive on basic travel was unclear and there was “no clarity” on whether companies in the city would receive financial assistance.

He urged the government to hold a press conference later to provide more details.

Downing Street said legislation was already in place to allow the government to impose local closures, but that the health minister should sign it.

Dave Stokes, the chief of the Leicestershire Police Association, called on the government to provide more details on what the public can and cannot do during the shutdown.

“As we’ve seen over the past weeks and months, if the directions and messages from the government are confusing to the public, it will be almost impossible for our police colleagues,” he said.

“Heartbreaking” for students with the closure of schools

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Teresa Lander is concerned about a “huge gap” in her daughter’s education

Teresa Lander, 51, whose daughter goes to Lundi Elementary School in Udupi, said the local closure was “a bit surprising and disturbing” for parents and students.

“It is worrying how much school they miss, which is a huge gap in their learning if they are not from March to September,” she said.

“They were enjoying going back to school, it’s disappointing for them, but you have to respect it.”

Read more feedback from local parents here.

The companies said they were left with the sudden nature of the ad.

Blake Edwards, owner of the Flappers and Gentlemen salon, said he was “destroyed” by the news because he was due to reopen on Saturday and had reservations for the next five weeks.

“time is running out [for the business]We will need more support. ”

“Although employees are being made, the rent remains to be paid, and all other invoices are still required.”

The owner of the restaurant, Shaf Islam, said: “I had a spring in my step preparing for the reopening of the Fourth of July.

“To say that the news is a big disappointment is an understatement. We spent a lot of money and summoned the staff from the leave.”

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Blake Edwards said his salon had been fully booked for the next five weeks

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