Comic-Con is usually a busy mess. This is the reason for missing it

Comic-Con is usually a busy mess. This is the reason for missing it

After controlling this biggest event of the past – long lines, stunning logistics, narrow crowds, and exotic scents associated with all of these costumes – it’s hard not to feel completely absent. The reasons for complaining from Comic-Con, all of a sudden, are all reasons to miss it.

resolution Cancel Comic-Con Any organizers Called “heartbreaking” It came amid a wave of similar decisions during the early stages of the coronavirus, as the possibility of large clusters became increasingly unlikely. Instead, a virtual copy is slated to take place over a period of several days starting July 22 – in practice, with the sacrifice of millions of dollars that Comic-Con pumps into the San Diego economy.

Of all the lost entertainment and fun, there are a few events that further demonstrate hunger for society, and in fact, the ability to evoke these feelings of communication about entertainment – from collecting comic books or watching specialized web shows to the broadest offerings of culture giants like Marvel and ” Star Wars “and” Star Trek “.

Comic-Con celebrated its fiftieth anniversary last year, after it swelled from a small group that occupied two hotel celebration rooms in the early 1970s on a huge mission that sprang from the convention center to neighboring hotels occupied by its guests.

As the event grew rapidly, Hollywood increasingly took over, acknowledging all these zealous fans as the ultimate marketing opportunity and enthusiastic ambassadors for their products. Enthusiasts soon found because of their passion themselves surrounded by new converts, commenting on every development in the Marvel cinematic world or demanding “Snyder Pieces” from “Justice League” (and Win this privilegeFinally, from CNN’s colleague site for WarnerMedia HBO Max).

However, the enthusiasm that permeated the agreement provided a long-standing relationship with its origins, and a sense that many who attended spent the whole year expecting the opportunity to personally gather with those who shared their girl, no matter how mysterious and mysterious some of them might be.

Like most virtual events organized in the past few months, Comic-Con has been trying to offer that taste as a temporary measure. But it appears to be more incomplete than most, given how important the overwhelming side of the universe has been surrounded by pop culture for days always in the experiment.

Despite the participation of a number of popular franchises, movie studios will largely continue in the exercise, as the major movie release dates are still in flux. Highlights from the four-day schedule Comic-Con.

Focusing on imagination will not prevent paintings from addressing our current reality, including sessions on whether popular culture can foster mental wellness during an epidemic, and a discussion of what we can learn about dealing with infectious diseases managed by “World War Z” author Max Brooks.

As someone who has occasionally approached making this highway 5 on San Diego with fear if not quite terrible, returning to all that the agreement has to offer – even the most lost parts – looks fine right now.

Until then, Comic-Con @ Home will have to do this. Hopefully in the near future – whenever there is an actual agreement again – remember this time that any grumbling should calm down when the impulse to grumble arises.

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