Coronary Virus: Boris Johnson launches a review of the social spacing base of two million

Coronary Virus: Boris Johnson launches a review of the social spacing base of two million

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Boris Johnson was commissioned to conduct a 2-meter (6-foot) social spacing rule, after calls to abolish it.

Companies and some Johnson deputies have warned themselves that large parts of the hospitality industry will not be viable with the base of 2 million Corona Viruses.

The review will complete by July 4, when bars and restaurants can be opened soon in England.

But ex-Conservative leader Sir Ian Duncan Smith questioned the need for a review, saying “evidence already exists.”

Sir Ian, who previously said that the base of the 2 million will delay the recovery of the economy: “Whether there is a review or not, a political judgment will be issued to the Prime Minister to issue it.”

“He needs to make the decision now for the good of the economy. If there is a review, it must be swift.”

The review, that was I first reported in the mail on Sunday, He will take evidence from scientists and economists.

Currently, the UK government advises people to stay two million far away from others to avoid spreading the Corona virus.

This is beyond WHO’s recommendation At least 1 m (just over 3 feet), And some other countries such as France and Denmark. But UK government science advisers say a difference of one meter carries up to 10 times the risk of a difference of two meters.

However, there are widespread concerns about the impact of Al Qaeda on the UK economy, which is already suffering from the epidemic.

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Shops on Oxford Street in London are preparing to reopen on Monday with a base of 2 million

Some bars, restaurants, and bars say they won’t be able to make a profit if the 2 million guidelines are still in effect when reopened. Tourism companies have also warned of losing tens of thousands of jobs unless the distance is shortened.

With a base of 2 million, outlets will only be able to achieve around 30% of regular revenue, while a million will increase that to 60-75%, says Kate Nicholls, CEO of UK UK hospitality.

Sir Graham Brady, chair of the 1922 Committee of Pessimistic Conservative Representatives, welcomed the review and said moving to a million people would be “necessary.”

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Explain the mediaThe UK government advises us to stay two meters away – but how does that look?

A distance of 2 million was applied by all countries of the United Kingdom, which have their own powers of restrictions. But so far, political leaders have rejected calls to ease the rule of the 2 million.

Earlier this week, Scotland’s chief medical doctor Dr. Gregor Smith said that the evidence was “indisputable” that the risk of transmission of the virus increased as he approached someone.

This, he said, is a “balanced and reasonable precaution” to ensure a reduced transmission.

Northern Ireland’s First Secretary Arlen Foster said that the medical advice indicated that the distance between two and a half meters is “the safest place.”

While pubs, bars and restaurants can open in England from July 4, no appointment has been made in Scotland, Wales or NI.

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On Saturday, millions of people in England and Northern Ireland managed to break the distance of two million people with some of their loved ones after the government allowed people who live alone and single parents in England to form social bubbles with another family.

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Meanwhile, starting Monday, all unnecessary stores in England will be allowed to reopen – as long as they enforce 2 million directives between shoppers and employees.

In Northern Ireland, all stores are allowed to open as of Friday. No dates have been set for reopening unnecessary stores in Scotland and Wales, although each country has set its stages for raising insurance.

The UK government has repeatedly said it is constantly reviewing guidelines for closing the coronavirus.

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