Coronavirus: new instructions for weddings in England

Coronavirus: new instructions for weddings in England

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A married couple in Madrid get married in early June

The government published new directions for weddings in England, which allowed celebrations of up to 30 people, but advised against receptions.

From July 4, wedding and civil affairs partnerships can go on but with only 30 people including spouses and employees such as the photographer and witnesses.

People should get away socially, they shouldn’t sing and hands should be washed before exchanging rings.

Receptions should be small, as only two families can meet inside.

Since the close began on March 23, weddings in England have been banned in almost all circumstances.

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Bridal dress shops in England reopened, but with masks and social estrangement

Small weddings are currently allowed in other countries of the United Kingdom, which define their own closing rules.

In Northern Ireland, weddings of up to 10 people are allowed outdoors. In Wales, celebrations can also take place, but social distancing must be taken into account, while open-air marriages and civic partnerships can take place in Scotland.

New rules for England

Under New guidelines for England Released on Monday, wedding ceremonies and civil partnerships are allowed to move forward only when it can be done safely.

The advice says:

  • Celebrations should be kept “as short as possible” and limited as possible to legally binding parts
  • No more than 30 people should attend
  • Everyone should follow the 2m rule if possible, or 1m with additional safety measures
  • No food and drink should be consumed as part of the event
  • The hands should be washed before and after the exchange of rings, and the rings should be handled by the least number of people possible
  • You should avoid singing, screaming or playing music at a volume that means people have to raise their voices. Instead of singing, he suggests the recordings
  • Speaking during the ceremony – for example saying responses to vows – should not be loud
  • Avoiding blowing machines should be avoided
  • When singing or chanting is required, only one person is allowed and the couple or place should consider installing a clear screen
  • The frequently used places for weddings should be laid out with a ribbon or paint to help people preserve the social distance.

Government advice also suggests changing traditional wedding plans to avoid sitting face-to-face, improving ventilation or using face masks.

The maximum of 30 people includes everyone at the party – including spouses, witnesses, officers, guests and suppliers such as photographers and caterers.

The directive also says that receptions that “usually follow or accompany marriages or civil partnerships” are highly recommended not to happen today.

She says small celebrations should only take place if you follow social separation guidelines, such as groups of up to two families indoors, or up to six people from different families outdoors.

The government says that places that do not follow the guidelines may face actions from the Health and Safety Executive or the local authority.

The directive adds that failure to put in place adequate measures could violate existing health and safety regulations and places may encounter enforcement notices.

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