Corona Virus: Travel restrictions in Wales are set to end on July 6

Coronavirus: Raising Wales travel limits to get final approval

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People in Wales were told to stay locally – restrictions that did not exist in England

The Prime Minister will later confirm plans to lift travel restrictions to “stay locally” in Wales on Monday.

Mark Drakford said two weeks ago that travel to and around Wales will be possible from July 6, provided that coronavirus is still under control.

People are currently required to stay within five miles of their homes as a guide.

Starting July 6, people from two separate families will be able to join together as “one extended family”.

From Monday, they can meet indoors and stay overnight, in a similar fashion to other “support bubble” arrangements elsewhere in the UK.

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This comes after the government of Wales announced on Thursday that restaurants and bars could open in the open air from July 13.

Places will be able to open in the spaces they own and have licenses for – as long as the Covid-19 cases continue to decrease.

On Thursday, Minister of International Relations Elonid Morgan said that foreign tourist attractions might be able to open from July 6.

At the daily press conference of the Coronaviruses of the Government of Wales on Friday, Darkford will say that while some restrictions are eased in Wales, it is important that everyone continue to move away socially and respect the places and societies they visit.

On June 19, he asked people to take another “session” and observe the “stay locally” message for another two weeks.

“It has already helped control the virus in Wales,” he said.

“We need you to continue to do so, and if you do, within two weeks we must be in a position where all this can end.”

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Mark Drakford will confirm the news at a press conference on Friday

Visits outside the local areas of people have been permitted for humanitarian reasons, such as family, care homes or institutions of young criminals, since June 22.

Both the Conservatives and Plaid Cymru have called for the five-mile travel advice to be canceled.

Darren Miller, a Welsh Conservative Party spokesperson for Covid-19 recovery, said: “I welcome the news that the arbitrary and harsh ruling led by the Welsh government for about five miles in the end has been abolished in Wales but I urge the Prime Minister to put this to the day to avoid a weekend Another lost for those who want to see their loved ones. “

On Friday, the Scottish government ended a five-mile travel restriction for entertainment and recreation, except for a group of cross-border coronaviruses in southern Scotland and northwestern England.

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