Coronavirus: swimming pools, gyms, team sports and outdoor vehicles

Coronavirus: swimming pools, gyms, team sports and outdoor vehicles

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The government has announced that recreational facilities and beauty services will be reopened in England in the coming weeks.

Swimming pools, gyms, nail bars and hair shampoo will be able to open their doors again, and team sports will be allowed to resume – starting with cricket.

Culture Minister Oliver Duden announced the changes at a press conference No. 10, urging people to “work for help”.

Outdoors shows will also be able to resume with a limited audience.

A further 85 deaths were reported for a period of 24 hours as of 17:00 British daylight saving time on July 8, bringing the total death toll in the UK coronavirus to 44,602.

Dodden said that “all data” continues to “move in the right direction” despite the reopening of bars and restaurants at the end of last week.

He said that normal life is “slowly returning” and that this is an important milestone for state artists and artists “who have been waiting in the wings since March.”

He said the public should “do their homework” by buying tickets and supporting galleries and other places, adding: “I really urge people to go out and do their part: buy outdoor theater tickets and concerts, reach your local fair and support your local business.”

But the Minister of Culture said: “All these measures are conditional and reversible,” and he warned that the government would not hesitate to impose local closings if cases began to rise.

What will reopen when?

  • The outdoor swimming pools will be reopening starting July 11
  • Gyms, pools and indoor sports facilities can be reopened as of July 25
  • Popular sport will be able to return from next weekend, starting with cricket
  • Outdoor theaters will be able to start on Saturday
  • Singing and playing copper and wind instruments will be permitted in professional environments, and Mr Duden said that specific scientific studies on risks have been commissioned.
  • Small beta programs for internal shows will also be implemented, with a very distant audience to help work out the best way to restart them
  • Beginning July 13, beauty, tattoo, spa, tanning salons and other close contact experts can be reopened “subject to some restrictions on particularly high risk services”

Instructions to reopen sports facilities, Posted, including cleaning systems, social exclusion and employee protection.

Measures include reducing the number of people using a facility at one time, reducing class sizes and spacing for equipment. Face caps will not be obligatory in gyms.

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Explain the mediaDawden: “We need the nation’s match to be appropriate to defeat this disease.”

A few supporters will be able to watch outdoor sports, provided they follow social exclusion measures.

The government said a team headed by Deputy Chief Physician Professor Jonathan Van Tam was visiting sports sites to learn about the sector’s preparations to reopen it safely.

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Explain the mediaThe Minister of Culture promised to protect theaters and other places from demolition

When he told him that the restrictions on reopening gyms and swimming pools would make the exercise “less enjoyable,” Duden said people would get used to the new procedures.

He said: “The verdict we made is this [pubs] Swimming pools and other places, it is better to reopen these restrictions rather than not reopening them at all. “

The cast welcomed the announcement, but called for more protection for places, while Julian Bird, CEO of the London Theater and UK Theater Association, said more clarity was needed regarding indoor performances.

The announcements come after the government pledged 1.57 billion pounds to support the arts industry.

Adam Mooney, founder and CEO of the Feel Good Group which owns 90 tanning salons, welcomed the decision, but said, “We are ready to reopen today, not next week.”

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