David O'Yellow joins Winfrey Private Town Hall to talk about police brutality

David O’Yellow joins Winfrey Private Town Hall to talk about police brutality

In “OWN Spotlight: Where Is Go From Here,” the actor who portrayed Reverend Martin Luther King Jr in Salma explains that he is of Nigerian descent, who has dealt with racism throughout his life.

He admits to mistakes he committed, such as believing that racism is a thing of “the past”, and advises his son not to “confront” with police officers if he is in a situation with them.

Oilow said that when he saw that George Floyd could not resist arrest while in custody by the Minneapolis police, he realized that the problem of police brutality was worse than he thought.

“I made the mistake of thinking that things will differ for my son,” he said. “I say wrong because I saw things progressing somehow. So the knee on the neck is very symbolic.” “It’s something that I didn’t realize I absorbed in a way that made it difficult for me to work. I didn’t realize how deep the wounds were. I’ve spent many of the past two weeks crying.”

He continued: “These conversations are really weak to say, basically, that justice is forgotten in interacting with the police.”

Winfrey said she understood, and told viewers that this is a conversation between many black parents with their children. And she said, “Yes. And for everyone who watches who is not black, this is the conversation, that is the conversation that every black father had to have with his children, especially their children.”

Winfrey also spoke with director Ava Duvernay, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and Stacy Abrams, along with other leaders and activists.

The second part of Winfrey’s conversation, “Where Do We Go From Here,” begins Wednesday on OWN.

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