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A key member of the group advising the government on Covid-19’s response to British media said that the UK may need to choose between keeping bars open or allowing schools to reopen if they want to keep coronavirus infection rates low.

“When some other networks are closed, some other activities may be needed to enable us to open schools. It may come to a question about which of you compete against each other and then this is a matter of prioritization. Do we think bars are more important than schools?” Said Professor Graham Medley , Who chairs the SAGE pandemic subgroup on pandemic modeling, for BBC Radio on Saturday.

Medley’s comments came a day after watching crowds in pubs and bars in parts of northern England despite a spike in the number of cases and the re-introduction of some government restrictions in several areas.

Bars were allowed to reopen across the UK on 4 July.

“I think we’re in a situation where most people think that opening schools is a priority for the health and welfare of children,” Medley said.

on Friday: Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that England “will press the brake pedal” in the next phase of the reopening in an attempt to slow the rise in coronavirus infection.

New restrictions were announced in northern England Thursday evening in an attempt to “stop the spread of Covid-19”. Across the country, some of the places that were to be reopened on Saturday – including casinos, bowling allies, skating rinks and “remaining nearby contact services” will remain closed until at least August 15.

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