Drew Bryce says that Trump's protests against the NFL have never been to the knowledge of the United States

Drew Bryce says that Trump’s protests against the NFL have never been to the knowledge of the United States

Press’s comments come after he initially said on Wednesday that he “will never agree with anyone who respects science.” He rose later He apologized for his comments He said his comments were “insensitive and totally missed the mark on the issues we are now facing as a country.”

Then President Donald Trump got involved and said Bryce should never have retracted his comments.

“He shouldn’t have regained his original position about honoring our wonderful American flag,” Trump said on Twitter. “The ancient glory is revered, cherished, and flown …”

Brees then moved on to Instagram, saying, “We can no longer use science to keep people away or divert their attention from the real problems our black societies face.”

I read Brace’s post: “Through my ongoing conversations with friends, fellow teammates, and black community leaders, I realize that this is not an issue related to the American flag.” We can no longer use science to distract people or distract them from the real issues facing our black societies.

These issues included comprehensive racial injustice, economic repression, police brutality, and judicial and prison reform, Bress said.

“As a white community, we need to listen and learn from the pain and suffering of our black communities,” Bryce wrote. “We must acknowledge the problems, define the solutions, and then implement that. The black community cannot do it alone. This requires all of us.”

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