Elena Delone says that the withdrawal request from the 2020 season for medical reasons has been rejected

Elena Delle Dunne to refuse medical treatment: “I was shocked”

But the Washington Mystics star, who has fought Lyme disease for years, also wonders how her body would react if she contracted Coved 19 during play.

However, Dele Dun, 30, said in a statement that her personal physician had told her that she was indeed in great danger.

The Doctors’ Committee was approved by the League and the National Women’s Basketball Association (WNBPA).

“I was shocked,” Del Don, who is also vice president of WNBPA, told CNN on Wednesday. “The process makes it difficult because there is no ability to appeal so that I have not been able to speak to the committee.”

In an article on Tribune players On Wednesday, Delle Donne revealed that she was taking 64 tablets a day, and she told CNN that this would affect her.

Daily Don said: “It is so, and it scares me.” “I mean I know this is not safe. I know that taking antibiotics for an extended period of time is not healthy but I also know that when I don’t take this drug I feel bad and I can’t play basketball, I can’t even get up from bed sometimes, so it’s Kind of what I have to do to live the most normal life possible. “

When I arrived at CNN on Monday, WNBA declined to comment on Delle Donne’s unsubscribe request, citing privacy concerns about health issues.

“As with all of our players, we have supported Elena throughout this process and we will support it,” Mystics coach and general manager Mike Thibault said in a statement on Monday. “The health and well-being of our players is of the utmost importance.”

CNN contacted WNBPA to comment.

Delle Donne is still weighing whether to play this season, which will start on July 25 and be held at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida. If she decides not to play, she says she will get “zero percent” of her salary and will not get most of her approval.

Daily Don said: “We don’t make money for the National Basketball Association, and I think it’s covered well and people understand that.” “You know, my bank account is not as deep as if I were raising NBA money, but I know our league is growing. With the latest CBA AgreementWe’ve made great strides in getting more money for players. We are continuing to develop our game and the development of this league.

“I invested a lot in this league and saw it grow a lot in my years here. So, for a moment like this, the feeling that I was indulged, was difficult, but these things are happening, I hope we can move forward and this can be just an educational experience.”

She told CNN that she wanted to make her decision as soon as possible, saying, “I don’t want this to continue. I don’t want my bubble mates to have to deal with this.”

However, she also said she feels lucky to be in a position to choose.

“I know there are a lot of people through Covid who have lost their jobs, and who couldn’t make a decision about taking care of themselves in terms of health or going to work because they had no choice,” said Delle Donne. “So, I know I am in a situation where I feel so blessed and I will just have to find out and decide what is the best way.”

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