(Throwback) Emily Ratajkowski shows off her derrière in barely there swimwear (Photos)

Emily Ratajkowski in swimwear

Emily Ratajkowski is awesome and has a full Instagram feed full of pictures to prove this. So, we thought we’d take a look back at some of the best hot Emily shots.

This in particular is very cool. Surprisingly, Emily can be seen showing her discreet physical structure in what can be described as casual swimwear. Emily can be seen outside, as it appears to be a beach. She can be seen shaking blue swimwear.

On the first shot, Emily can be seen shining through the camera. While she is elsewhere, she can be seen bragging about her turn. She decorated her look with a hat and pair of earrings. Commented on the post: I felt like a princess thanks princessbermuda ✨ We loved it here very much

Time to challenge the contract they have on transferEmily Ratajkowski Official Instagram (emrata)

Emily Ratajkowski is usually very active on social media, especially her Instagram account where she is relentlessly promoting her brand Inamorata. Aside from the hat you’re wearing in the photos, too in real life, the model has become quite expert in manipulating multiple hats.

Emily Ratajkowski tries to prove her hatred by branching out to businesses and Hollywood. She has had a lot of success with her brand Inamorata and seems to be making great strides in her acting career as well.

Time to challenge the contract they have on transfer

Time to challenge the contract they have on transferOfficial Instagram Inamurata

Sure, this applause goes back to the haters who described it as just a pretty face. Apparently, Emily Ratajkowski has been accused of being nothing more than a pretty face several times. But Emily definitely looks more than that.

Emily Ratajkowski also uses her social media for social awareness. She seems quite open about politics, too. They are multiple connectors that may dominate Hollywood one day. Arguably, it is indeed one of the most sought after models in the world. You can check pictures here:

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