Ferrari forced to redesign their car

Ferrari forced to redesign their car

The current Ferrari was filmed during the winter test

Ferrari has been forced to redesign its car due to flaws detected since it was tested in the pre-season test in February.

Team Leader Mattia Pinotto said that working to understand why the car stopped speeding had led to “a significant change in direction in terms of development.”

The result is that the car will work with pre-season specifications in the late-season opening race in Austria this weekend.

The upgrade is scheduled to debut at the Hungarian Grand Prix on July 17-19.

Binotto said the team had to review their approach to the car’s aerodynamics after investigating its underperformance.

“We had to understand why we did not see the results we were expecting on the right track and how much the entire program should be recalibrated as a result,” Pinotto said.

“It was futile to continue in the direction we planned, knowing that we will not reach our goals.

“So we decided to come up with a new program that looked at the whole car, knowing that not everything will be ready for the first race.

“Our goal is to provide updates in the third race in Hungary.

“Apart from that, in addition to the actual development of the car itself, we have worked a lot in the past few weeks analyzing its behavior, through simulations and with the help of our drivers, and I think that will prove valuable in Austria.

“We know that at the moment we don’t have the fastest package. We knew it before going to Melbourne and that hasn’t changed.

“Having said this, the Spielberg department has different properties from Montmelo (in Spain, where the test was taken) and temperatures will be much higher than in February.

“In Austria, we must try to make the most of every opportunity and then in Hungary, through the new development step that we are working on, we will be able to see the place where we are really comparing with others, taking into account the developments that our competitors themselves have achieved.”

The result is that Ferrari is unlikely to be in the fight to win the first two races at Red Bull Ring this weekend and next.

Not only were they already out of pace with Mercedes and Red Bull, but both of their competitors had upgrades on their cars which would make them faster.

Mercedes has significantly updated their car’s aerodynamics, as Lewis Hamilton embarked on his bid to win the seventh world record-breaking title.

Red Bull has an improved Honda engine to add to their progression of aerodynamics.

Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel, who starts the season knowing that it will be his last time with the team, said: “We have to be realistic when it comes to the weighting arrangement seen in the tests, but we do not feel offended.”

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