It takes 18 months to develop good vaccine: Ex-ICMR chief

Former ICMR chief about COVID-19 vaccine: “It takes 18 months to develop a good vaccine.”

NK said: A good vaccine usually takes at least 18 months, before it is released for production after all mandatory regulatory approvals are tracked quickly. Ganguli, former Director General of the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR).

The first COVID-19 vaccine is expected to be launched in India, Covaxin on August 15 under the fast track mechanism. According to the highest medical research authority in the government, twelve institutes were selected for the clinical trials of the original COVID-19 vaccine (COVID BBV152 vaccine). Ganguli said that the strain of the virus was given to BBIL at the end of May, and in July, the date for human trials was scheduled.

What is unique in delirium in COVID 19 patients is that it confuses patients of all age groups and is not only limited to the experience of older patients. (Image is for illustration purpose only)Reuters

Former ICMR chief on COVID-19 vaccine

On the basis of the lengthy process involved in developing vaccines, he insisted that after spending many months and dumping a lot of money, the mystery remained. “It may be difficult to say whether the vaccine is successful or not.”

ICMR said in a message: “The vaccine is envisaged to be released for public health use no later than 15 August, after all clinical trials have been completed. BBIL (Bharat Biotech International Limited) is working quickly to achieve the goal, but the end result will depend on the cooperation of all clinical trial sites.” Participate in this project. “

Before human vaccine testing, challenge studies are performed on mice and apes, and then a toxicology report is prepared, to check if the developed vaccine is causing cell damage, and it takes at least three to four months to finish this report. Ganguly. After this stage, the vaccine is tested on rodents and large animals and after successful completion of this stage, the vaccine is ready for human trials.

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Corona vaccine. representative.

“In the first stage, an age group description is established (a vaccine study is conducted on people of different age groups). In the second stage, approximately 600 to 700 people are vaccinated, and if the vaccine is working successfully at this stage, it progresses to Ganguly said that the third stage, called Effectiveness Study (at this stage, thousands of people are enrolled). Even after the fast track regulatory approvals, it will take at least 18 months to develop a good vaccine.

He insisted that the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Moderna (the RNA vaccine is scheduled to start trials of stage 3 later this month and target the vaccine by 2021) and BioNTech-Pfizer (the phase 3 trial is expected to start in July). Gangulle added that Genova Biopharmacic is also working to develop a vaccine that looks positive.

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