"Four or five of the suitors" are interested in buying MetS

“Four or five of the suitors” are interested in buying MetS

On Thursday, Mets Jeff Wilson said that there were four or five parties interested in purchasing the team.

“The team will have some kind of transaction, I can’t tell you exactly what it will be and how it will look like,” Wilson told UJA New York, a Jewish charity. According to the Bleacher report. “But we are working towards a deal and there are four or five suitors out there to do something with and [there‚Äôs] A bunch of charitable planning and family planning that my father and father wanted to do, and that’s totally fine. “

Willbon did not reveal any other details about any possible sale.

“When we have something to announce and tell you about, we will do so,” he said. “You will not play a game of speculation or enter into any competition with Page Six or Variety Magazine.”

On Monday, billionaire private equity billionaire Josh Harris and David Blitzer were reportedly running seriously at Mets. If this turns out to be successful, they will add the baseball team to their sports portfolio which already includes 76ers and demons.

Harris is believed to be worth $ 5.1 billion, while Blitzer’s fortune is around $ 1.3 billion, but this has not scared Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, who still want to be the Queen and King of her King.

Sources close to the mighty couple told The Post that J-Rod was aware of the duo’s interest, but were still confident of their competitive bidding.

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