George Floyd Protests Across America: Live Updates

George Floyd Protests Across America: Live Updates

Demonstrators gather in front of the White House about the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man who died after being installed by a white police officer in Minneapolis, on June 2. Yassin Ozturk / Anatolia Agency / Getty Images

In Washington, DC, it appears that the police are preparing to purge the protesters, who are still on the streets after the curfew.

It will arrive one in the morning local time. The curfew came into effect at 7 pm.

After violent clashes last week in Lafayette Park, near the White House, a new fence was placed around the park. CNN correspondent Alex Markwardt said from the scene that the police are now standing across the fence from a crowd of 200 to 250 protesters.

From time to time, protesters try to swing the fence, but are often shouted by other protesters.

Things briefly escalated, as protesters threw fireworks and other projectiles across the fence and on top of the police – who responded with pepper spray explosions at the crowd, and what appeared to be rapid explosions.

“Now what you are seeing is the response of the National Guard in the capital,” said Markwardt. “I don’t see any Park police, that’s all military police.”

Demonstrators tend to those who have been pepper spray, pour milk and water on their faces and eyes to provide relief.

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