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George Floyd’s funeral will begin in Houston

Police were guarding the 3rd district on May 27 during the second day of protests over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Jordan Stroeder / Anatolia Agency / Getty Images

Alondra Cano, a member of the Minneapolis City Council, told CNN on Monday that “the Minneapolis Police Department cannot be repaired” and that the council aims to create a “new safety system with our community.”

“We have budget authority, so anytime we have seven votes or more, we can agree to a major budget measure to change the city’s moral guidance. We have nine people on board, and it is a majority against the veto,” Kano said. New CNN day on Monday. “Everyone agrees that the Minneapolis Police Department cannot be reformed, and that everyone agrees that we are on the way to ending the existing police system, and that we will create a new safety system with our community.”

When clicking on what this “new safety system” might look like, Kano said the police department is still in place, and the council’s new approach is to move in partnership with the community when “they are ready for it,” “to come up with the answers together.”

“We still have a $ 193 million police budget that people in Minneapolis can count on for help. Now, tomorrow, perhaps in six months or nine months or a year, we will have a structure in our community that we have co-created together about the future of safety In observing our city. ”

Cano also said that she has “deep relations” with the police department and this system does not work with them either.

“They do not want to be in a situation where one week after they graduate from our police class they are now in court for murder. No officer wants to be in this position,” Kano said. “We will maintain safety, we will keep help, but we throw out broken and old systems that do not allow us to respond to our society in a way that protects people’s lives.”

Some context: Nine Minneapolis City Council members pledged to start the process of abolishing and “dismantling” the police department, Minneapolis City Council president Lisa Bander He told CNN on Sunday.

Bandar said that she and the other council members hear from their constituents “at the moment, our police station does not make our community feel safe.”

When pressed for details on the form of the dismantling, BNH told Josh Campbell of CNN that they would transfer police funding to other needs and start a discussion on how to replace the existing police department.

“The idea that there is no police department is certainly not in the short term,” Bandar said.


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