Grindr to remove "race filter" in solidarity with the movement of black life

Grindr to remove “race filter” in solidarity with the movement of black life

Gay dating and gay dating application announced change on Monday, saying: “We will continue to combat racism in Grindr, through dialogue with our community, a zero-tolerance policy towards racism, and hate speech on our platform.”

“As part of this commitment, and based on your feedback, we’ve decided to remove the sweat filter from the next release.”

Grindr – which describes itself as “the world’s largest social media app for gay, bisexual and transgender” – has come under fire for letting users filter race-based matches as part of the paid “Xtra” service.

Currently, technology users can filter potential partners by height, weight, age and ethnicity, though it is not the only dating app that offers these filters.

Representatives of the company were Previously defended Its ethnic candidate, arguing that the feature was used by minority members looking for others of the same race.
Critics Have argued That Grindr candidate encouraged discrimination. Research from Cornell University Found that Dating apps that allow users to filter searches by race, or rely on algorithms that bring together people of the same race, “enhance ethnic divisions and prejudices”, while Australian survey Gay and bisexual men found that many of the participants were “remarkably tolerant” of sexual racism on the Internet.

On Monday, Grindr coined policy change as one of the motives in solidarity with protesters in the United States.

“We stand in solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter movement and the hundreds of thousands of colored people who log into our app every day.”

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