`` Hamilton '' review: Disney + fan movie gives front row seat worth waiting

“ Hamilton ” review: Disney + fan movie gives front row seat worth waiting

Basically, the equation on “Hamilton” boils down to this: If you haven’t seen music before, then this video production – which was filmed over three days in 2016 and then edited together – provides an opportunity to enjoy it with the original cast. If you’ve ever seen it, it’s a welcome opportunity to enjoy all of that talent and intelligence again.

As a reward, the production technology – which combines recorded performance in front of an audience with close-up shots and separate camera angles that put scenes on the stage – goes beyond the “best seat in the home” to the most cinematic experience.

Where are the obstacles? Dodgy crayons: Watching at home, audience response can sometimes be a trivial distraction. As before, some lighting, which, when captured, occasionally casts a strange blue glow to performers.

Beyond that, sit back, relax, mute your phone and enjoy the show, which lasts for 2 hours and 42 minutes (including 1 minute “break”). Bringing history astoundingly to life, Miranda’s dazzling blend of musical genres brings the triumphant and bustling life of Alexander Hamilton, the founding father who portrays him.

Seeing their reunions now, the cast whose cast was originally assembled by the producers is even more impressive: Leslie Odom Jr. as “the damn fool who shot” Aaron Power. Dave Diggs (Lafayette / Thomas Jefferson); Christopher Jackson (George Washington); Philippa Sue as the wife of Hamilton, Elisa, and Renee Elise Goldsbury as her sister Angelica; And Jonathan Grove as King George’s craziness, here only with the camera zoomed in so you can see the spray mist while moments of anger in his comic masterpiece “will come back.”

Afraid of anyone forgetting, Tony Miranda’s book and results contain one jewel after another, without causing a shortage of spinal tingling moments. Choose your favorite, although it is difficult to turn in a row Soo and Goldsberry’s “Helpless”, “Satisfied”, and Odom’s “The Room Where It Happens”.

If anything, consumption in the home offers some obvious advantages, including the ability to consume a prolonged offer in spare time. Miranda and director Thomas Kyle recorded an introduction to the movie admitting her conversion to Disney +, which required sacrificing some obscene words to meet Disney standards, but other than that, this is “Hamilton”, the full force.

Determine how well this translates into the final studio result Still a thorny proposal, But advertising for Disney + alone has huge benefits. Moreover, the movie caters to a thirsty audience for the theater with a Broadway shutdown and may attract a group of fans unconcerned with the major service brands – specifically, “Star Wars”, Marvel Marvel and Kids.

Nothing can repeat the unique qualities of a live theatrical experience. But if anyone doubts that Hamilton can still get Broadway off the couch, well, just wait.

“Hamilton” premiered on July 3 on Disney +. Classified PG-13.

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