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India overtook the United Kingdom to become the fourth worst country affected by Covid-19

A British Airways plane takes off at Heathrow Airport on January 29, in London, England. Journalists Syndicate / AP Images

British Airways, Easyjet and Ryanair launched legal measures against the UK government’s coronary quarantine rules.

The three airlines say the restrictions “will have a devastating effect on British tourism and the wider economy and will destroy thousands of jobs.”

On Monday, the United Kingdom introduced new rules that require anyone coming to the country to go into self-isolation for 14 days or face fines.

The airlines said in a statement that their legal objection was based on several factors including “the fact that this quarantine, under criminal law, is more stringent than the guidelines applied to people who already have COVID-19”.

They say, “There was no consultation and no scientific evidence was provided for such a strict policy.”

In its challenge, airlines mention a requirement that “if you are a French or German worker traveling weekly to the United Kingdom, you will be exempted, and the UK government prohibits people traveling to and from countries with lower incidence rates from the UK.”

They also said they saw no evidence of how and when the proposed “air bridges” between the United Kingdom and other countries would be implemented.

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