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Indian cricket team awaits BCCI approval before outdoor training begins

The government may have loosened the rules for closings and athletes have slowly started individual training outdoors, but Indian contracting cricket players are waiting for the green light from the BCCI before they start running.

In an interview with IANS, a contracted player said that while cricketers are looking to start their outdoor training, they will only do the same thing after getting the green light. Currently, players are following up on a custom fitness routine provided by Coach Nick Webb and physio Nitin Patel.

The Indian T20 team after winning the series against New ZealandTwitter / BCCI

The Indian team is awaiting BCCI approval before starting outdoor training

“We are very careful. We trust our support team and act according to their instructions. When the time comes for us to change the process, they will tell us and we will follow the new protocols accurately. The key is to be patient in these times when the factors that have forced us on this change are not under our control.”

The Coronavirus pandemic witnessed the cancellation of cricket events, and until Thursday, the Council of Sri Lanka announced that the extra limited series that they were keen to host against India in June, should be abolished with a focus on the epidemic.

In fact, the IANS told Indian players that they would need at least two weeks of outdoor training before they could return to the area.

Batsman Shreyas Iyer said: “Yes, we will need some net sessions to make sure the timing is restored (as a beating man) and also to operate the muscle memory. It is easy to return to that area and you will need some training sessions as well as mental memory to fully stabilize.

“It won’t be easy, but at the same time we are professionals and we have been playing for many years to reach this stage, so it won’t take long. It will be a good challenge for us to beat it and” start with cricket. “

Deepak Chahar, echoing the same sentiments, said: “It will take about 10 individual days. You haven’t played for a while, so the body takes some time to get used to this aspect. It just comes with a process to make a comeback so that the body doesn’t feel shocked. Obviously, we as professionals We know how to kick it all up, but getting the brains ready is a challenge here. You need a little training and some warm-up games. ”

Indian team

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Spinner Kuldeep Yadav also spoke of the need to slowly return to the groove. “Of course we will need time to get back into the routine. It looks like you take a 4-5 month break and then you jump into it again it becomes complicated. It will be difficult for the batsmen, deer and fast bowling – basically everyone.”

While some cricketers (mostly non-contractors) were seen training outdoors during the past week, there was no prior approval of the same from the Credit and Trade Bank. The board is actually in the process of developing SOPs that will be put in place for all state associations and players to follow up as soon as cricket activities resume.

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