Is Serena Williams playing in the American Open without a daughter? Her coach doubts this

Is Serena Williams playing in the American Open without a daughter? Her coach doubts this

Williams coach Patrick Muratoglu She told CNN that the 23-time Grand Slam champion – and a six-time champion in New York – would most likely not participate in her main home if her nearly three-year-old daughter, Olympia, was not with her. Tennis officials discuss limiting the player who urges him to accompany only one person, to enable Grand Slam to take place safely.

“Would it be okay to have three weeks without a daughter? I doubt it,” said Muratoglu. “It was never a day without it … but it can only answer this question.”

USTA is set to decide the fate of the third major tournament this year, possibly on Monday.

Williams’ personal decision comes at a time of growing controversy over how to conduct competitions such as the US Open.

Last week, divisions among players emerged after the USTA proposed a series of stringent restrictions to enable the Grand Slam.

The Governing Body has proposed creating a bubble for players at an airport hotel outside Manhattan – where most players reside – and limiting the number of entourage to only one.

Strong opposition, then criticism

The plans met strong opposition from some of the most prominent professionals, including the Wimbledon champions Novak Djokovic And Simona Halep. Djokovic used the word “extremist” and said that choosing only one person would be “impossible”.
Raphael NadalMeanwhile, he told reporters earlier this month that the situation was not “ideal”. Another member of the Big Three men, Roger Federer, will not be in the U.S. Open if he is held while recovering from his second knee surgery in 2020.

Djokovic, the No. 1 world who also serves as the chairman of the ATP Board of Directors, faced criticism from the former Australian Open finalist Daniel Collins.

“This is a huge opportunity for players to start making money again, and here we have the best player in the world saying the ability to bring in just one person will be very difficult because he won’t be able to bring in his retinue,” the American ranked 51st wrote on Instagram.

Mouratoglou accepts the restrictions of moving between the hotel and stadium for weeks will be a challenge, but he believes from a logistical point of view it can still work.

“I think it is only possible to go with a coach,” he said. “I mean that 40 years ago that was so … so if I talked about myself, I’m going to do training sessions. I’ll have to play with Serena, or she can hit with other players instead of the beating partner. Fitness I can do this, I can ask a coach Fitness that sends me sessions.

“She can use physiology in the facility. So anything is possible.”

With Cincinnati Open Championships initialing in Flushing Meadows set as a pre-launch event ahead of the US Open, the major draw will begin on August 31.

Regardless of the difficulties, the financial impact of the epidemic on the tennis players themselves is now so severe that Mouratoglou – who shares a similar position with Collins – says that the US Open must take place.

Players have been out of the round since early March, with Wimbledon in July Officially abolished two months ago.

He said “No discussion.” “It has to happen for financial reasons. It’s a big union in which a lot of people need to work. I know that the US Trade Agency has already had to fire a lot of people, and I think they need this money.”

New layout launched

Against this existential backdrop of sport, this weekend Mouratoglou launched “Ultimate Tennis Showdown” – a round tournament featuring top players from the men’s game including the ATP Stefanos Tsitsipas Finals.

They compete under completely new coordination and rules, with matches broadcast live via a broadcast platform for a subscription of $ 11 a month.

It is a re-envision of the tennis that Muratoglu thought long ago. Now with the restrictions of Covid-19 that kept the traditional tennis season, he took his chance.

“If people are impressed, if they participate because they really enjoy watching UTS matches, then we are ready to survive in a very difficult economic environment,” said the French.

“My goal is to attract new fans. And if we bring in new fans, it will be great for the whole industry. And I’m sure some of them will discover tennis. And maybe if they start to like this sport and like the players, they will also see the professional tennis players, the ATP and the Grand Slams

The tournament draws by offering live competition according to the rules of current social spacing and breaking the traditional tennis coordination. Robin’s matches were watched this weekend, in the form of a match that sometimes forced players to the climax of confrontation. In court training – which is usually prohibited – it was allowed during frequent 30-second intervals between points.

Penalties for emotional shows such as racket strikes and insults were eased, although players seemed to be enjoying enough that such explosions were limited.

The most experimental additions are the “UTS cards” that players can use when choosing during the game to bend the rules and allow them different tactical advantages, such as not letting your opponent serve a second.

It’s a world far from the codes of conduct for the traditional game and Mouratoglou admits that this new approach might take time for players to adapt.

“I don’t know how normal it would be for them to express more feelings and more emotions. But it is good if not everyone does that, because we have different personalities,” he said. “I don’t want to have all the crazy and broken clones. That’s not the point.

“To get a good show, you need different characters. I think after a few weekend they will start to loosen more with this new look and may express more and more feelings.”

Serena is eager to join

For the time being, the opening round of UTS matches is restricted to men, but the Women’s Championship will be followed by Williams, who is eager to participate.

When I had the idea and decided to launch it, I took my phone and called Serena to talk to her about it and the first thing she said to me was: “Do women play? “And for the first time I said I can’t do both things – if I add women to men, I won’t have a chance to go,” said Muratoglu.

“But in fact, she gave me some great ideas for incorporating her into the next show, so women will soon come to UTS, and that’s definitely the goal. And of course we’ll have to be a part of it.”

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