Isa Ray at the end of 'Insecure' and why Covid-19 won't be part of Season Five

Isa Ray at the end of ‘Insecure’ and why Covid-19 won’t be part of Season Five

Season 4 of the successful HBO series has viewers on the edge of the last episode.

Will Ray’s character (also called Issa) be able to save her relationship with Molly (played by Yvonne Orge)? Will Molly stay with Andrew (Alexander Hodge)? Will Issa stay with Lawrence (Jay Ellis), her ex-husband who has not been reunited, or will she end up with another ex-lover, Nathan (Kendrick Sampson)?

Ray has all the answers for “unsafe” viewers, but they won’t spill any tea before the end of the Sunday season.

“I will only say that many questions will be answered,” Ray told CNN in an interview this week. “We have been building up to this point from the first episode of this season and that’s all I will say.”

You really didn’t expect the woman who included a “show inside” show – the real crime series, “Searching for Latoya” – was mysterious, right?

Ray, the creator, writer, producer and star of “Insecure”, was a bit more open about some of her decisions for the show this season.

Like matching characters Molly, a black woman, and Andrew, an Asian.

Ray, who recently starred against South Asian actor Comil Nanjiani in “Love Birds,” said she was not trying to make a statement on interracial relations.

“I really wanted to work with Camille,” said Ray. “I was excited and then it was only after the fact that I was,” Okay, well, now it feels like I’m pushing an agenda. “

Ray said the inspiration for Molly’s pairing with Andrew came in part from seeing the characters of Gabriel Union and John Chow paired with the ABC 2009 “FlashForward” series.

“It was a conversation I was fascinated by and wanted to film,” Ray said. “Seeing that black man and the representation of the Asian man was very interesting to me and thinking about the dating group at that time, I just wanted to explore it in the show.”

One of the stars of “The Photography” said one thing she was not interested in going into “Insecure” next season is the epidemic.

Hollywood production was largely halted in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, but the “unsafe” book room was already operating in Season 5. Ray said she has no intention of incorporating the epidemic into next season’s conspiracy.

And she said, “If we talked about it, it would be subtly what happened.” “I never want to say” Covid “or” pandemic “in my program.

As is the case for many of us, life in quarantine had the ups and downs of Ray.

“She went through courses. The first one was terrible,” she said. I was like, “Should I write at home?” I hate writing at home! “I like to go out to cafes. But then when I realized that things wouldn’t change for some time, it was like, uh, I have no choice now I have to be productive.”

“Recently, it has become a kind of paralysis again,” she added. “I think things are opening up as I watch people go out and reckless. So, I feel anxious.”

Added to this was the turmoil that followed the death of George Floyd and Bruna Taylor, two black people who had died at the hands of the police, and Ray said he felt challenged.

Nevertheless, it continues to promise Season 5 “will be wonderfully different.”

“I think it is different in a way that the public will and will not expect,” Ray said. “It will definitely show some different aspects of our characters. We are trying something new next season and I’m excited about it.”

No, she doesn’t say what this new thing is.

Ray is also excited about her future outside of her hit series.

The woman who first appeared in the scene in 2011 as the creator and star of the web series “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl” is ready for her next new attempt. (By the way, Ray said she is still embarrassed but feels less because this epidemic means she shouldn’t be around people.)

“I want to write and produce my own feature film,” Ray said. “It was great about other people’s things, but I want to try my hand on my own advantage.”

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