Jennifer Lopez Mets' show could highlight the team's charming side

Jennifer Lopez Mets’ show could highlight the team’s charming side

Jennifer Lopez can give Mets a much-needed shift.

With the race to rush to buy the team, entertainment insiders say J.Lo and Alex Rodriguez will add a missing item to the Citi Field that others can’t offer – delight.

A source said Lopez would do for Mates what Jay-Z did to Nets in 2012, when he helped launch this team in Brooklyn and “made it great to go to the Barclays Center.” (He also chose the team’s logo and colors.)

“Forget about any other owner, or even any player. One thing Jennifer has is following Social Media # 1,” said a sports source.

Lopez is # 15 of Instagram’s most popular follower, with 126 million followers, more than Katy Perry or Miley Cyrus.

“They will not leave any effort. It will be an entertainment experience,” added the source on J.Lo and any potential stars and entertainment at Citi Field that follow.

The difference between Lopez and Jay-Z is that he will have a much larger stake in the team with A-Rod. The couple were reported to have raised about $ 300 million in their own money and would control the partners.

Jay-Z sold his shares for $ 1.5 million when he launched a sports management company.

The source added that Lopez will bring a different fan base, citing her stellar attractiveness, and that Rodriguez will be of Latin origin in the field of white men. “Someone like Jennifer brings a lot to games,” MLB said. “And MLB needs that now.”

While the Yankees always attracted a crowd of stars, Mets’ idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthrill has historically been Home Run Apple in the middle of the field. (We can only imagine what J.Lo could do for Jazz Mr. Met.)

A-Rod and J.Lo are competing for the team with a group that now includes NFL Brian Urlacher, Travis Kelce and DeMarco Murray. They are against billionaire Steve Cohen, as well as a group headed by Josh Harris and David Blitzer who just added Sheldon Adelson.

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