John Krasinski explains why he sold some good news

John Krasinski explains why he sold some good news

“It was one of those things that I was just planning to do eight of them during quarantine, because I have these other things that I will have to do very soon, like” Jack Ryan “and all of these other things,” Krasinski told Ryan Wilson about “Hey” There, Human Daily “Instagram Live” hosted by Wilson for SoulPancake. “More than that … she was writing, directing and producing – all of these things – with two of my friends too much.”

“I knew it would not be sustainable with my previous obligations,” Krasinski said.

He said he felt his options were to end the series or sell it so someone else could continue it.

“I love continuing the show from my office forever,” said Krasinski. “It was not sustainable.”

Wilson himself appeared in “Some Good News” twice, once in “The Office” Virtual reunion ring.

While Krasinski will not regularly host the new version of the show, he will still be participating.

“In eight weeks [Some Good News] Go from being absent to being on one of these huge news networks, “Krasinski continued.” We have a lot of really fun things planned, and I can’t wait to dig. I will be a part of it whenever I can, and I will host a couple [episodes] And bring a different community of people. But we are really very excited about that. I have received the most surprisingly cute remarks about how much this show means to everyone, but the truth is that it does not mean more than anyone else. Perhaps this is the most emotional way I have felt in my entire life. “

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