Jonty Rhodes talks about the future of cricket after COVID: "IPL is an integral part of the calendar, also financially important."

Jonty Rhodes talks about the future of cricket after COVID: “IPL is an integral part of the calendar, also financially important.”

Former South African soccer player Jonty Rhodes feels that playing against empty stands will have little impact on players in test matches compared to ODI or T20I as they are used for the least crowd while playing red cricket.

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, international cricket returned on Wednesday after a 117-day hiatus with England facing the West Indies in the first test of a series of three matches at Ageas Bowl in Southampton. New ICC regulations have also been laid down, including the banning of saliva and playing behind closed doors.

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Jonty Rhodes discusses the future of cricket

“I think in T20 cricket, fans and atmosphere have an effect on the player,” Rhodes said in an exclusive interview. “Often times, the player’s attitude changes when he gets support from the fans.”

“First-class cricket is taking place on an empty court. If you look at the Ranji Cup in India, there are no fans. But when it comes to trying cricket, I think players will play in a fully competitive spirit whether fans are present or not.

“Yes, you will need some players on the team who keep talking constantly, but I don’t think the cricket test will be greatly affected by the absence of fans on the field as players are used to playing test matches in front of them from a smaller audience.”

Speaking of the thirteenth edition of the Indian Premier League that has now been postponed, former cricketer Proteus hoped the tournament would take place at the end of the year once the situation improved.

The 50-year-old said: “It is very difficult to think of passing the year without IPL. It has been an integral part of the cricket calendar since 2008. From the start, BCCI tries to regulate IPL every year.”


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“IPL is also financially important and relates to the future of players as well. The best players in the world are playing in it. So it’s hard to imagine a year passing without it. For me, it’s incredible to expect a cricket calendar without IPL.

“I hope by the end of the year, the situation will improve and we can watch IPL. We know it will be played on empty stadiums. This time it will be for TV. It will be interesting to see how TV producers are making and adding,” The atmosphere is without an audience. “

Rhodes also expressed his opinion on the T20 World Cup, to be held in October / November in Australia, but was withdrawn due to the global health crisis of Coronavirus.

“In IPL, players will be coming from abroad, they will be isolated, teams will be tested, but IPL fans will be from India.

“Regarding the World Cup, it is the fans of other teams who will also come to watch the match. It will be very difficult to organize the tournament in such a case. The Olympics have also been postponed because of this epidemic.” The current situation I think there are dark clouds in the T20 World Cup ” .

The South African veteran, who has played 52 tests and 245 ODIs, recently dealt with the Gonuts app that helps fans get close to their favorite stars and get to know them directly.

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