Kanye West donates $ 2 million and pays undergraduate tuition to George Floyd's daughter

Kanye West donates $ 2 million and pays undergraduate tuition to George Floyd’s daughter

The donation includes funding for legal fees for Arbery and Taylor families, along with black-owned companies in a crisis in his hometown of Chicago and other cities.

A West representative said he had developed 529 educational plans to cover the full tuition fees of Gianna Floyd, 6-year-old daughter of George Floyd.

The West’s donation comes in the wake of mass protests across the country in the aftermath of the deaths. Many voices in the entertainment industry demand an end to systematic racism, police brutality and action from the political leadership.

Three Minneapolis police officers were arrested in Floyd’s death On her first appearance in court Thursday afternoon, the Floyd family holds their first planned memorial ceremony.

Derek Chauven, the officer who held Floyd on the ground from his neck for nearly 9 minutes, was arrested last week and charged with third degree murder and second degree degree murder. On Wednesday, the prosecution accused him of more serious charges of second-degree murder.

ArberryBlack Man, shot dead while running outside Brunswick, GA, on February 23. Three white men were arrested in his death.

Taylor EMT had been shot at least eight times in March when three officers forcibly entered her apartment in Kentucky. The FBI opened an investigation into her death.

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