Karl Rainer, the old comedian legend, has passed away at the age of 98

Karl Rainer, the old comedian legend, has passed away at the age of 98

Was 98.

“Last night my father passed away,” wrote Rob Rainer. “When I write this, my heart is in pain. It was Nuri Tawjihi.”

His assistant, Judy Nagy, said that Carl Rainer died on Monday of natural causes at his Beverly Hills home variety.

His live TV career spanned, Broadway, motion pictures, recording albums and a variety of guest appearances. He was a performer and writer on the legendary “Legendary Show”. He created “The Dick Van Dyke Show”, which is one of the great comics in history based on his life as a comedian.

Rainer’s ongoing routine with co-comedian and director Mel Brooks, “The 2000-year-old man” – which started in the 1950s – has been immortalized in many comedy albums. The work, which revolves around a reporter who interviews a 2000-year-old man about life, is still preserved and repeated by comedians, past and present, and is loved by his swift spirit, absurd fluctuations and intimate friendship between spouses.

But unlike Brooks – who was often the center of attention in everything he was doing – Reiner preferred to play the straight guy or work behind the scenes.

He had a hand in many “Dick Van Dyke Show” texts and at times appeared as a supporting character, sinister TV host Alan Brady. He worked as a movie director with films like “Oh, my God!” (1977) and Al-Natr (1979).

Brooks praised him for his comic intelligence.

The real driver behind (“a 2000-year-old man) is Karl, not me.” I just collect the fare. He said to. The club. “People should know that it is the most important act.”

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