Kim Jong Un suppressed travel to the Chinese border

Kim Jong Un suppressed travel to the Chinese border

As part of a growing crackdown on dissent and internal dissent, North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-un is forcing citizens who live or travel to areas near the Chinese border to sign a pledge that they will not try to escape.

The North Koreans really need special permits to travel within the country. Now people who want to travel anywhere near the Chinese border will face more harsh routines if they have a family business or event like weddings or funerals to attend in the border areas, according to Korean Radio Free Asia service.

“Since early this month, residents who need travel certificates to go to the border areas must present a document with their fingerprints on them confirming that they will not flee North Korea,” a resident of North Hamgyong County told the radio service.

‚ÄúCitizens were allowed to verbally announce the absence of plans to defect, and obtain travel permits between provinces by showing citizenship certificates and personal references. Sealing another fingerprint to obtain a travel certificate is not that difficult, but it is inconvenient to add many confirmation documents, and feel People who go to the border areas are frustrated because they are treated as potential smugglers. “

The tough new legislation comes after the spilled kingdom launched a government campaign aimed at discrediting North Korean exiles after South Korean-based groups circulated anti-Pyongyang propaganda leaflets across the border to balloons.

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