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Lalsa – How Suresh Rediam made his dream come true

Today, food delivery apps are booming on the market as they fight each other over who will ultimately rule people’s hearts. While apps like Tiny Owl and UberEats fade while facing the test of time, Laalsa remains strong. The Food Technology Corporation of Hyderabad (Telangana): Laalsa was founded two years ago during this chaotic contest. With more than 6000 restaurants in cities like Vizag, Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad registered in the food delivery app, Yumzy, Laalsa is constantly growing! Only recently have they raised a staggering $ 1 million, funded by the food and beverage industry.

The CEO’s story

Suresh Reddy, CEO of Laalsa, provides his vision to create a system that provides autonomy for restaurants with the use of artificial intelligence to understand and study customer behavior through their data. Suresh Reddy has a complete understanding of the gravity of the current situation. He understands that restaurants and hotels must adopt other platforms if they wish to remain in the current market. According to him, food complexes and commission-based models should be replaced with something more scientific. This is Laalsa and their app, Yumzy comes to play!

Vision and policies

Suresh Reddy and his team recognize the importance of discount and quality food and service. They divided users into four broad categories: people looking for discounts, foodies, people who appreciate a personal touch on their food, and customers who enjoy food from fine restaurants. He devised a system where discounts are offered in ways that benefit both Lalasa and restaurants.

The CEO understands that setting discounts will dramatically increase the number of requests. For food lovers, Suresh Rediam and his team have been carefully planning to release unique items, in cooperation with some fine dining restaurants. These nutrients will depend on specific user requirements, calculated and separated with the help of their algorithm. For customers who yearn to get their own personal favorites, artificial intelligence is programmed to suggest nutrients according to customer options.

In the current situation, where the market collapsed due to the epidemic of Covid-19, and Suresh Redyam, striving alongside restaurants to create a system that is both easy to use, encourages offline delivery and maintains cleanliness and hygiene above all. With “Dinezy”, Laalsa has succeeded in creating a useful system for customers and restaurants. Reduces touch points while increasing mutual safety.

Suresh Reddy and his company follow the slogan of diligence and distinction. They plan to expand their business further in the future and reach new heights. With these cleverly calculated and clever policies, this success does not look much further. Suresh and his team understand that, to stay competitive, they need to prefer restaurants and customers. By the end of the year, Suresh Reddy aims to increase the number of registered restaurants in Yumzy from 6,000 to 15,000! With sincerity and planning, Lalsa strives to survive and win.

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